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Miami & Ft. Lauderdale based production company celebrating 21 years of providing thoughtful & inviting video creations for clients across the country. Passionate, personal attention for our clients.


Live Web Streaming, 4k and HD Video filming, post production editing, multi-camera filming and live production, CCE Sports Network (our own live streaming sports network)
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Welcome to Empire Video Productions, LLC

Celebrating 21 years of providing inspiration & creativity for event clients, businesses, government agencies and sports fans across the United States.  Our team of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale videographers & live web streaming producers welcome an opportunity to work on your next corporate, sports or event production.

Weddings and Events

Stop a moment imagine the day your parents were married.  The years seem so long ago in an era we often forget about. What would you do to be able to see that cinematic wedding moment?  How precious would those memories be to your family?

Your keepsake video is not just a collection or sequence of video shots. It is a story you have been planning your entire life.  The emotional excitement can be overwhelming  the day will quickly pass you by.  Allow us to we weave a tapestry of memorable moments that you and your family will relive for a lifetime.

We offer two choices in wedding videography.  For today's modern bride who want's something very unique & different, we offer a cinematic short form wedding video.  For today's traditional bride who relishes tradition, we offer a long-form wedding video that employs the traditional, sequential archival from of wedding filming.

Live Web Streaming

With a phone in every pocket, a computer on every desk and everyone online, live web streaming has transformed the business of education, communication and entertainment.  If your company is not live streaming, you are missing out on reaching your core audience that is already there. 

Over the last decade, we have witness a remarkable shift on how the public consumes information and entertainment.  The world is inter-connected in more ways than ever before. More options.  More variety. Hundreds of choices. 

The current reality is that the vast majority of people do not view the TV, the newspaper or even the weekly business report as a principal source of information.  The internet IS the source. 

And the company or business that becomes a trusted leader in this space is the company who will excel in this space.

Corporate Videography

Social media has transformed how businesses of all sizes communicate with the public. Online video (live and on-demand) is expected across all platforms.  How many times have you or your client utter the words "let me see if there is a You Tube video on it?"  One thing is clear today: corporate videos and an online video presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

We have chosen to specialize in 4 distinct & specific areas for small businesses, medium size corporations & government clients:
  1. Live web streaming of meetings, conferences & seminars;
  2. Online training & instructional videos, product/company marketing videos and in-house communication tools for employees;
  3. Seminars, meetings & conferences;
  4. News stories, press conferences & first impression videos at trade shows.



Event Types

Weddings, corporate meetings, congresses, conferences, seminars, product launches, trade fairs, cultural, social, artistic, special events, sports events, awards ceremonies and sweet 16.